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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Game of Imagination

Thursday, December 25, 2008 Posted by Ismail Habib , 46 comments
It has been a while since I wrote my last post and losing my internet connection (followed by losing the enthusiasm of writing). Anyway, here I am trying to write something again and it's going to be something fun, yups: it is about a game, to be precise: games.

A friend of mine posted this video about a game called: Crayon Physics Deluxe. I took a peek on it, and fell in love at the first sight. Crayon Physics Deluxe is a puzzle game where we have to solve a problem (mostly to guide a ball to a star) using physics rules, kind of remind me of the old-nice Incredible Machine which I played a long time ago. However, the difference (and the most interesting part) is that Crayon Physics Deluxe allows the user to create objects freely using a "pen" and transforms them into world objects which automatically follow the physics rule. Take a look at this cool video on their website:

It looks like a very nice game, but I'm not a type of guy who's willing to buy something just because it looks nice :) I tried to get more information and trial version of the game which eventually leads me into an another game called Zany Doodle, which luckily offers a trial version of the game. I tried the game and enjoyed it very much even though I only use a normal mouse instead of a touchscreen (which I believe will increase the game experience heavily). Moreover, I found out that the Crayon Physics Deluxe is actually originated from the free game Crayon Physics which is developed by the same person. However, the free Crayon Physics is nowhere as good as its paid counterpart, not even better than the free trial of Zany Doodle since it cannot create objects like a triangle or just a random line.

Should I say anything more? Just download the Crayon Physics here and the free trial of Zany Doodle here. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous10:46 AM

    There's a demo for Crayon Physics Deluxe here

    I'll try Zany Doodle, looks like fun!

  2. I'll try.. I like fun..

    come here to blog me :)

  3. wah, keknya keren bang maenannya....
    mpok coba dulu yyyyaaaa......

  4. hi, this blog is very nice.I think that imagration game is a different game and amization game

  5. I have been thinking about this same question for ages too.I do a lot of HD work and read up on this:They do use a point of reference with live actors dressed in all-blue or all-green suits in front of a green screen of dark room with glow in the dark 'markers' on their or elbows as the case may be.

  6. Thanks for sharing us. Crayon Physics Deluxe game is looking good i really want to play this game. I am crazy about games so i'll sure play it.

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  8. wadow,,,, kereeeeeenn......

  9. Hey thanx for the download link..
    I am fond of games and usually preferred to download them via net,preferably puzzles..

    thanx a lot..

  10. I know they have to come up with an original character but do they also imagine all the little details on the character and the landscape...etc/..

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  12. The most entertaining things, are still, generally the most imaginative ones. The most popular movies, Star Wars, Shriek, Lord of the Rings etc, are about stories that took a tremendous amount of imagination to create.

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