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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fat and Good

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 Posted by Ismail Habib , 27 comments
Have you ever tried to create a "stand-alone" JAR file which requires another external JAR libraries? At least I have already encountered this kind of problem twice and I believe other people might have the same problem. Since Java JAR exporter doesn't allow us to do this then we might need external tools.

Some forums in the Internet offered a solution using an ant task. However this solution is not easy enough for someone like me who is a noob at Java and absolutely in a hurry (at that time). Good thing that I found Fat Jar. Fat Jar is an eclipse plugin that allow us to create a "stand-alone" JAR file which include all the external libraries. It is easy to install and to use, to an extent that you don't require any tutorial at all (in my experience). Thus, if you're an eclipse user I highly recommend this plugin. I even think it should be in the default package ;)

You can find Fat Jar here. It's fat and good :)


  1. Well, if you create applet, instead defining all jar dependency in the manifest file, I also prefer Fat Jar :) But sometime using it means breaking the law :)

  2. avoid "sometimes" in that case ;))

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