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Monday, March 19, 2007

Is It Legal To Be This Good?

Monday, March 19, 2007 Posted by Ismail Habib 26 comments
Yupe, that's one of the comments targeted to macpulenta, a user in YouTube.

Check this out:

This guy is really awesome, not to mention that it's not his only work published at YouTube. I guess it is worthed as the first video in my blog. Nice work... I mean amazing!!

Btw, who's the guy he painted anyway? Not really that important though.

For those of you who's expecting something that's programming-related, sorry to disappoint you this time...


  1. is not legal.
    He/She is sooo good...way too good, I think

  2. apung1:19 PM

    setuju mas..

  3. Hohoho..Nice tricks.

    It IS tricks..or isn't it?

  4. kekeke... lol...

  5. I think I know who he is. He is the lead singer of radiohead (background music:karmapolice by radiohead)

  6. Waahhh.. keren banget ya. Bravo!