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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

101 Ways of Improving Blog

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 Posted by Ismail Habib 39 comments
In the last few days I've been crazy thinking 101 ways to improve my blog. I was kind of bored with the old design... and... ta-daaa! Here's the new one :) Many thanks to (and google?) for the new nice feature that allowed me to do this.

The second thing is to improve my blog traffic. I realize that my blog traffic is not that incredible and I want to make it as close as possible to incredible :P So I've been busy searching on the internet and I found several interesting link. BlogExplosion for example, it's a nice site for blogger who'd like to exchange traffic with another blogger. I was interested in its link exchange program but since it's not running yet so I guess I'll be waiting until next week. I have tried some other program but nothing is significant enough to force me to write it here.

Since this blog supposed to be a geeky blog (oh, you have no idea??), I also put a RSS Reader for "Java Technology Headlines" in the right side of the web so I can clearly say that this blog is absolutely "a programmer's thought" and not some random jokes with some strange writing that could be executed under a specific compiler.

I've also add an alexa traffic monitor for my blog that I assume won't last long since it gives impression to the reader that my blog actually worth nothing (thank you alexa for reminding me of this). Okay, it seems enough for now... I'll be back with some more worthy posts in the future.


  1. Need help , trying to trace a transparent proxy ip, and cant find any one that can, I will pay for it, please help.

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