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Monday, May 08, 2006

Autonomous Object Tracking and Monitoring Using Video Processing

Monday, May 08, 2006 Posted by Ismail Habib 34 comments
Object Tracking and Monitoring is about recovering object's parameters that related to it's shape, position, velocity, etc. This activity could be used for many things. For example: vehicle monitoring and camera surveillance. Autonomous Object Tracking and Monitoring is about making system that simulate human intelligence to do Object Tracking and Monitoring by using Artificial Intelligence. There are two kind of technology that can be used in implementing object tracking and monitoring: Treading & Scale and Image Processing. Despite its complexness, Image Processing has better potential to recover object's parameters to a whole different level than the Treading & Scale technology.

Image Processing technology can be relativily expensive or cheap (compared to Treading & Scale) depending on how it being used. Several issues that goes along with Image Processing technology are: Artificial Intelligence complexness, quality of input device, and machine processing ability. Here, we will only talking about Video Processing and algorithm strategy to implement Autonomous Object Tracking and Monitoring.

There are at least 6 challanges that have to be faced when implementing Autonomous Object Tracking and Monitoring:
- image substraction
- background generation and update
- region finding and filtering
- associating region
- region's parameters
- vehicle identification

I will talk about them later when I'm not too busy (haven't I told you that I'm quite bu...**cough**lazy**cough**? :P)